QATEM 2008

Le Castillet dans Perpignan

1st QATEM Workshop, 27 June 2008, Perpignan, France

  • Tourism productivity: incentives and obstacles to fostering growth (Stefania Lionetti, Italy)
  • Hierarchical structure of the internationalized Spanish hotel industry (Juan Gabriel Brida, Italy, Laura Parte Esteban, Spain, Wiston Adrián Risso, Italy, María Jesús Such Devesa, Spain)
  • Spatial Distribution of Inbound Tourism in China: Determinants and Implications (Jianhong Zhang, Netherlands)
  • Using Time Series Techniques to Forecast Demand: A Hospitality Management Application (Leonard A Jackson, USA)
  • Americans travelling to Europe. A new perspective based on persistence (L. Gil-Alana, Spain)
  • A Tourism Demand Model Including the effect of population density (Yolanda Santana-Jiménez and Juan M. Hernández, Spain)
  • Why travel motivation and socio-demographics matter in managing a national park (Melville Saayman and Andrea Saayman, South Africa)
  • Evaluating Operators’ Attitudes toward Diversification and Dependence on Local Tourism Resources: Case of Farm-Based Accommodations in Western Japan (Yasuo Ohe, Japan)
  • The perceived importance of wineries and wine tourism features for tourists (Cohen Eli and Livnat Bennun, Israel)
  • International trade and bilateral tourism flows (Jean-Jacques Nowak, Sylvain Petit and Mondher Salhi, France)
  • The macroeconomic effects of tourism marketing – a simple dynamic model (Stefan F. Schubert and J.G. Brida, Italy)
  • Tourism development, environmental assets and residents’ welfare: a neoclassical approach. (Sauveur Giannoni, France)
  • Determinants of demand for exports of tourism: an Unobserved Component Model (Bernardina Algieri, Italy and Stella Kanellopoulou, Greece)