QATEM 2010

Panorama de Collioure

2nd QATEM Workshop, 2 July 2010, Perpignan, France

  • Does conservation make sense to local communities? Andrea Saayman, Melville Saayman and Riaan Rossouw (South Africa)
  • Evaluating agritourism activities in Italy: Facility-based or local culture-based? Yasuo Ohe (Japan) and Adriano Ciani (Italy)
  • Structural equation modeling in tourism demand forecasting: A critical review. Guy Assaker, Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi and Peter O’Connor (France)
  • On the relationship between tourism and growth in Latin America. Stefania Lionetti (Switzerland)
  • Is the tourism led growth thesis valid? The case of the Bahamas, Barbados and Jamaica. Diaram Ramjee Singh, Allan S. Wright, Carolyn Hayl and Roland Craigwell (Jamaica)
  • Tourism image fragmentation: the case of Perpignan. Raquel Camprubi (Spain)
  • Simulation model for a joint mass/rural tourism system. Juan M. Hernandez Guerra (Spain)
  • Modelling and forecasting international tourism demand for Tunisia: A time varying parameter approach. Salem Hathroubi (Tunisia)
  • Quality of the Azores destination in the perspective of toutists. Carlos Santos, Gualter Couto, Pedro Pimentel and José Cabral Vieira (Portugal)
  • Discrete time touristic volume analysis in mean-variance spaces: The French hospitality sector situation. Olga Goncalves and Hermann Ratsimbanierana (France)